..things i like..

things i love and like it so much...

1. sista got plenty of comics
which both of us enjoy it..
of course..
i bought it..*wink*

2.novels..can't resist the temptation..ahaks..
but i do adore hlovate's novels..
such a brilliant author..

3. steambot..yummy..healthy food..hik3 islands..i do appreciate the beauty of corals n marine life..
such an amaze to watch all this fascinating things..

5. i am a key chain's collector..hehe...

6. kenny rogers..yet..still a healthy food..hee..
most of all..
the things i enjoy and love most to do it is...

hang out a.k.a dating with my fianceeee....hee..

p/s: i am so damn miss u my dear..kih3

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aira said...

ehem2...komik tu ade gak yg gne duit adek:P

..mem0ir Qaira.. said... ckit je kn..hehe

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