Ape yg aku addicted nowadays?novels+books+comics!!!can't resist the temptation..huhu..but at least drpd aku addicted bnd yg tak elok,baik bnd2 cmni kan..ilmiah..hihi..actually, to be a good teacher..emm..not for teacher only but to be a good person,baik kita tambahkan ilmu dgn membaca.membaca kan jambatan for a talkative person like me (not really talkative compare to syg kn?) dengan membaca je I can gain knowledge compare to other sources cam internet+television. Like my beloved guy, he likes to watch news, discovery channel and so on la but me?haha..slalu kena bebel..(kan abg dah pesan, kena rajin tgk berita..hihi)..I only watch televison for some reasons CSI ke..Desperate Housewives dearest students, u shouldn't follow this ok..bad teacher!hihi..

However, I have to certain time,kita kena tgk tv utk dapat latest news compare dgn membaca but if u love to read..don't stop..its a good hobby. plus..kita tak membuang masa. ape pun, differ people have differ type of hobby..ade yg hobby cost rendah and ade yg very it depends on u..tepuk dada tanya duit dalam wallet..haha

p/s: Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. -i just fall in love with this quote..hihi

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