..Love's Unending Legacy..

..hmm..its been a very long time..dah lame sgt tak update blog ni..blur+buntu..however,i'll try my best tonite..hihi..

tonite,nak cite bout someone special in my life..actually mmg tersangat la ramai..bersyukur sgt2..Alhamdulillah..but tonite,i would like 2 share bout this special person in my life..

Actually,i didn't notice bile dia start 'close' to me tp to be frank,i feel calm+comfort with her..dengan dia,semua perasaan bercampur baur..she make me laugh..she make me angry..even she make me cry..but she is special..

She wrote letters to me..the last letter she wrote was about 5 pages!my Goodness..dah byk sgt dia luahkan but the worst part is I didn't reply even a single letter.bkn tak nak reply tp I don't know how to reply it..I'm a type of person who don't know to expres my feeling..poor her..

She is not only my student but also my dear friend.tak keterlaluan if i say that she also 1 of my besfriend..dia slalu ckp she is rebellious person yet i admit that..hihi.. but deep down her heart, she is a sensitive person.sometimes i know dia terasa when i said something but yela..manusia biasa..kdg2 kita terlepas pandang..i'm sorry ok..bad teacher!huhu..

Remember bile ade 1 person ckp u will forget me when new teachers dtg?actually deep down my heart, i have to admit yg i'm afraid of losing u..huhu..bkn cemburu tp 1 perasaan taknak kehilangan i know,one day she will leave me..left me at SMSSI..even i start to think bout next year..hmm..

Teacher tak tau nak wat poem or a simple token of appreciation..sbb i'm not a poetry person but apa yang boleh disampaikan is u are special to me..u have ur own attitude yg make me feel 'soothing'..i love u the way u are..

p/s: u know who u are when u read this,right?..for everyone who is special in my life,i really love u all my students, i love u all..u are special in my life..gladly, u make me feel that i'm the luckiest teacher in the world..

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