..dearest friends..

in the name of Allah most merciful most gracious..

dear friends...
today, I've learn many things..
I've learn about the price of forgiveness..
about misunderstanding..
being cheated by the one u love..
dear friends..
we might facing problems..
could be everyday..
have u ever think why?
this is what we call...FATE..
we believe..
things happen for a reason..
dear friends..
life is full of joy..
for those who enjoy it..
life is full of envy..
for those who can't accept it..
life is full of sorrow..
for those who can swallow it..
life is full of love..
for those who appreciate it..
dear friends..
this is life..
problems occurred..
to test..
our maturity..
to face..
to fight..
to obey..
that we are only..
a servant..
for the most powerful Creator..
dear Allah..
please protect us..
to go through..
all the obstacle..
bless our life..
till the last day..
of our life..
amin ya rob..

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