..home sweet home - 1st floor..

wee..aku bercuti arini
ade urusan ckit..
at my free time..
thinking to update my blog..hehe

its been a very long time
nak update my house at Pasir Gudang..
from rumah bujang hubby
transformed to
rumah keluarga kami..
i've called it as Teratak Qaira..
so enjoy it..
kalau rasa interested nak datang..
jemputla..kih3 *wink*

this is the first view..
once u step inside our house..
*view taken from the door*
the cabinet was taken from mama nab's house
since my family pun dah nak pindah
cos abah dah nak retire
mama nab pikir 'there's no space to put that cabinet'
she decided to give it to her daughter
who is still juggling task as a wife..
so thanx mama..*i love u..muah3*
then the flowers tu beli kat kelantan
to dress up my wedding room..remember?here

ok..this pic plak..
view from the sofa..
*sila abaikan barang di bwh tangga yg bersepah..dunno where to hide it..huhu*

this pic taken from dining table..

this pic view from the door
bila korang toleh kanan..hehe
*sila abaikan bantal bucuk kaler ijau hubby k..hehe*
nampak tak cermin IKEA tu?
idea hubby yg pasang cenggitu..
konon2 kalau buat keje..
bule tgk masih hensem ke tak..hehe
*macam2 hubby aku sorg ni..hik3*

this is the view from stairs..
nmpk tak vase tu?
pasu sarawak tu..
aku bli kt sarawak ke?
naa...aku beli kat ayer itam je..hehe
time aku gi teman nina *housemate aku*
gi survey2 barang kawen dia..
credit untuk nina jugak atas opinion dia nak beli vase ni..hehe

ahah..this is the pic
view from the kitchen
my favorite spot in the house..
doesn't mean i love cooking ok..
both of us love food..hehe
*sila abaikan kuali itu cos pg tadi breakfast aku goreng
mihun utk hubby...*

this is also the pic of our kitchen
view from the outside

this is our pets..
the school of fish..
we love it so much..
it really2 release our tension..

this spot plak..
a memoir of us..
ada pic of us..
wedding albums..
also a wedding gift yang tak muat simpan dlm bilik
beside our not-so-slim tv
is our letter box..
and some wedding cards..
semua ada dalam tu..
updated every 2 months..hehe

ok..that's all for this post..
area at my 1st floor in our house..
2nd floor only consist 3 rooms..
nak tengok jugak? =_=
i'll post it next time ok..*wink*
so do come to my house ok..

p/s:can't wait to have our own house..
still budgeting and searching...hmmm

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eilah_1912 said...

wah3..dh ad rmh femili..bile lak nk tmbh member kt rmh 2?he3

..mem0ir Qaira.. said...

hehe..the process is still pending..kih3...doa2 la ye ;)

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